Custom Made End Grain Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks

We specialize in end grain cutting boards with an end grain inlays for family gifts, weddings, chefs, corporate and teams gifts, with custom options and messages.

Wood inlays are made by cutting a shaped pocket into a piece of wood, and then filling that pocket with another piece cut to the same shape. The max depth of the inlay is 5/16 of an inch, this depth make the inlay very strong it won’t fall out or crumble.

Graphic illustration of the movement of wood fibers before and after contact with the knife.

End Grain Cutting boards. Why?

It keeps your knife sharper longer. End grain cutting boards have a “self-healing” factor, as the fibers close up to a certain extent after they have been cut by the knife.

Will hold the knife in place because the blade is being caught between the natural separation of the fibers (won’t slip as it go into the wood).

Because the fibers spring back after cutting, and with regular maintenance and care the board is protected against bacterial penetration inside the grains.